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Early 1900's Popular Songs
Recordings from Victrola

(3 Tapes/CDs)

All Early 1900's Popular Songs listed below were recorded on 60 minute cassette/CD from a 1918 hand cranked victrola using special equipment to enhance and retain the characteristic victrola sound. To order please send $11.95 for each tape or $16.95 for each CD plus $4.95 shipping/handling per order (US and Canada), your name and address, and the tapes/CDs requested to:

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Every song on these tapes/CDs may be sampled by clicking on the tunes below.

Early 1900's Popular Songs (1913-1919)(Tape/CD -1)

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  1. My Mothers Rosary performed by Charles Harrison
  2. She's The Daughter Of Mother Machree performed by Charles Harrison
  3. When You And I Were Young Maggie performed by Charles Harrison
  4. Silver Threads Among The Gold performed by Elsie Baker
  5. Have A Smile performed by the Sterling Trio
  6. Till We Meet Again performed by Charles Hart and Lewis James
  7. Roamin In The Gloamin performed by Harry Lauder
  8. A Little Bit Of Heaven performed by Charles Harrison
  9. Singapore performed by Arthur Fields
  10. Some Day I'll Make You Glad performed by the Sterling Trio
  11. That Tumble Down Shack In Athalone performed by the Sterling Trio
  12. Smile And The World Smiles With You performed by Lewis James and Peerless Quartet
  13. Peg O' My Heart performed by Charles Harrison
  14. When I Dream Of Old Erin performed by Arthur Clough
  15. Where The River Shannon Flows performed by John McCormack
  16. The Greatest Battle Song Of All performed by Irving Kaufman
  17. On The Road To Happiness performed by Samuel Ash
  18. Somewhere A Voice Is Calling performed by John McCormack
  19. Once Upon A Time performed by Fred Hughes

Early 1900's Popular Songs (1913-1919)(Tape/CD -2)

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  1. In the Valley of Sunshine and Roses Performed by Henry Burr
  2. Whistle While You Walk Performed by Murray and Belmont/Sybil Sanderson Fagan
  3. Smiles Performed by Lambert Murphy
  4. If You Look in Her Eyes Performed by Robert Lewis
  5. Fancy You Fancying Me Performed by Robert Lewis
  6. You'd Be Surprised Performed by Irving Kaufman
  7. Just Leave it to Me Performed by Irving and Jack Kaufman
  8. That Girl of Mine Performed by Sterling Trio
  9. All the World Will Be Jealous of Me Performed by Charles Harrison
  10. Where the Lanterns Glow Performed by Campbell and Burr
  11. Just Like the Rose Performed by Lewis James / Charles Harrison
  12. The Wedding of the Sunshine and the Rose Performed by Campbell and Burr
  13. Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo Performed by Van and Schenck
  14. Robert E. Lee Medley Performed by Victor Military Band
  15. It's A Long Long Time (Since I've Been Home) Performed by Irving Kaufman
  16. How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm Performed by Arthur Fields
  17. How Are You Goin to Wet Your Whistle Performed by Arthur Fields
  18. The Georgia Grind (Street Piano) Performed by Signor "Grinderino"
  19. It's Tulip Time in Holland (Street Piano) Performed by Signor "Grinderino"
  20. Oh! You Bundle of Joy Performed by Peerless Quartet

Early 1900's Popular Songs (1913-1919)(Tape/CD -3)

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  1. Wait Till the Cows Come Home Performed by Alice Green / Harry Macdonough
  2. JA - DA Performed by Arthur Fields
  3. When Evening Shadows Fall Performed by Orpheus Quartet
  4. When You're All Dressed Up and No Place to Go Performed by Billy Murray
  5. I Want To Be The Leader of the Band Performed by Amphion Quartet
  6. Bring Back Those Wonderful Days Performed by Bert Williams
  7. Molly and the Baby, Don't You Know Performed by Homer Rodeheaver
  8. After You've Gone Performed by Campbell and Burr
  9. I'm a 12 O'clock Fellow in a 9 O'clock Town Performed by Byron Harlan
  10. Clover Land Performed by Howard Kopp
  11. Claudia Performed by Howard Kopp
  12. By The Campfire Performed by Sterling Trio
  13. You Never Can Be Too Sure About The Girls Performed by M. J. O'Connell
  14. Turn Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday Performed by Harry Macdonough and Orpheus Quartet
  15. Sweet Genevieve Performed by Charles Harrison / John Young
  16. Bachelor Days Performed by Peerless Quartet
  17. Golden Gate Performed by Charles Hart - Elliott Shaw
  18. Hawaiian Butterfly Performed by Sterling Trio

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