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Early 1900's Popular Songs
Recordings from Victrola

(1 Tape/CD)

All Early 1900's Popular Songs listed below were recorded on 60 minute cassette/CD from a 1918 hand cranked victrola using special equipment to enhance and retain the characteristic victrola sound. To order please send $11.95 for each tape or $16.95 for each CD plus $4.95 shipping/handling per order (US and Canada), your name and address, and the tape/CD requested to:

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Every song on this tape/CD may be sampled by clicking on the tunes below.

Early 1900's Popular Songs (1908-1913)

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  1. And the Green Grass Grew All Around Performed by American Quartet
  2. You're A Great Big Blue Eyed Baby Performed by Heidelberg Quintette
  3. A Life On The Ocean Wave Performed by Andrea Sarto
  4. Sweethearts a Pretty Name When It's Y-O-U Performed by Columbia Quartette
  5. The Maiden in Grey Performed by Elsie Baker / Frederick Wheeler
  6. The Garden of Roses Performed by Harry Macdonough / Haydn Quartet
  7. Good Night Dear Performed by Harvey Hindermeyer
  8. Glow Worm Performed by Victor Orchestra
  9. Shine On Harvest Moon no credits
  10. That Mellow Melody Performed by Walter J. Van Brunt
  11. The Wedding Glide Performed by Ada Jones / Billy Murray
  12. My Margueritte Performed by Walter J. Van Brunt
  13. Beautiful Doll, Goodbye Performed by American Quartet
  14. Tell Me Pretty Maiden Performed by Victor Light Opera Sextette
  15. Here Comes My Daddy Now Performed by Collins and Harlan
  16. Grandfather's Clock Performed by Hayden Quartet
  17. Nothing to do Until Tomorrow Performed by Billy Murray
  18. To Have, To Hold, To Love Performed by Harry Macdonough
  19. When You And I Were Young Maggie Performed by Elizabeth Wheeler / Harry Macdonough
  20. At The Devils Ball Performed by Peerless Quartet

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